Halloween Fun Run

The children made a super effort today both with their costumes and their running skills! All of the children managed at least two laps of the field and those here all day actually did it twice!
Thank you to those who have already sent in your sponsorship money, we’d be grateful if the remaining forms and money could be sent in as soon as possible.
Thank you for joining in the fun and for helping to raise funds for our new outdoor area. We’re very excited as work commences on Monday!












Learning Stories

We have enjoyed observing the children over the last couple of weeks, we hope you have enjoyed reading the learning stories we have sent home. Please don’t worry if you haven’t yet received one as there are a few children we have yet to catch!

They form an important part of your child’s learning profile so please add any comments you wish to and send them back so we can plan your child’s next steps. We don’t make copies of them so the one we sent home is our only record.

We look forward to receiving your comments.

Many thanks,

The Nursery Team

The Gingerbread Man

This week we are enjoying the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We will be sharing the story lots, singing gingerbread man songs, cooking gingerbread and sewing some buttons onto gingerbread mean of our very own!

Fun with Drumsticks

This week Mrs Howells came in to Nursery with some drumsticks. We had lots of fun singing and tapping!

What we didn’t know is that this kind of play is helping to develop rhythm, pattern awareness and cross body co-ordination which helps us to do all sorts of things like holding a pencil and recognising patterns in words and sounds. It also improves our ability to follow instructions and to listen carefully. But mostly, we just had fun moving and making noise!

Harvest Festival

Today we celebrated Harvest. We sang the Harvest Samba, spoke about our favourite foods and enjoyed a story about why it is important to share and be kind.

Thanks to all who sent in donations for our Harvest table. The food will shortly be making its way to those in need via the Bicester Food bank.


Our first weeks in Nursery

A very warm welcome to our first Nursery blog of the school year. The children have settled really well into Nursery life and we are very impressed with how they’ve learned our rules and routines. In fact they’ve done so well that they’ve already filled the marble jar for making so many good choices. They all voted today for their choice of reward and will be receiving their ice cream treat after PE tomorrow.

Our activities are now in full swing! We’ve impressed Mr Davis with our PE skills (and also the rest of the school with how well we can walk down the corridor), started our weekly cooking by picking the apples from our trees to make some apple crumbles, have been on an autumn walk to see the changes and collect autumn treasure for our table and also started weekly French lessons with Madame Jolliffe. They were ‘tres bien’!
Thank you to those who were able to attend the Phonics workshop, we hope you found it useful. For those unable to make it, handouts have been placed in your child’s drawer. Please check your child’s drawers daily for letters home and of course for their lovely art work. Please don’t be concerned if some have more than others, we can assure you that they are all busy learning even if they’re not putting pencil to paper!
This week we will be celebrating Harvest Festival. The Reception classes will be joining us to say thank you for all of the food we eat and for the kind donations for Bicester Food Bank.
Please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns or queries.