This week we have begun to navigate the tricky world of reading and writing in English, with our Read Write Inc. phonics sessions.

We will be learning 2/3 letter sounds per week in a fun and pacy way. Each letter we learn has a handwriting rhyme to help with the correct formation of the letters. But please note at the moment we are more focused on hearing, saying and recognising the sounds correctly, rather than forming them. However, the children will have opportunities to practise writing these and we will also be sending home letter formation sheets every Friday to practise at home if you and your child so wish.

This week we have started with ‘m’ and ‘a’. M is a long sound (stretchy consonant, mmmm) and a is a short sound (bouncy vowel a, a, a). It is important to ensure that when we are saying the words we do not add an extra sound (e.g. mmmm not ‘muh’) as this confuses things later on when the children move on to blending the sounds to read words.

Any questions please feel free to ask.