A busy week

There’s lots happening in Nursery this week! As well as carrying on our theme of The Three Little Pigs we’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year (which happens to be the year of the pig) and have been talking about what makes us happy and what makes us sad as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Mummy Pig was very sad and upset at carpet time yesterday but didn’t quite know why. The children thought she might be missing her little pigs and came up with some lovely ideas to make her smile again. Mummy Pig received lots of hugs and beautiful pictures the children had drawn for her.

In preparation for today’s Chinese celebrations we all went over to the Millennium Dragon in our key groups to see the Dragons and decorations they have. One of our little girls had a traditional Chinese outfit which she kindly brought in to show and model for us.

Today we had our Chinese food tasting, the children all sat very nicely and most were happy to try the different foods we had. They all agreed the prawn crackers were the best! We’ve even managed to squeeze in PE, French, sock puppets, Chinese dragons and learning about the zero pond in Numeracy – and its only Tuesday! Here’s some photos of our week so far.


The Snow Queen visits Bicester!

We have really enjoyed learning about the story of the Snow Queen. We pretended we were in a boat trying to get to her castle, painted self portraits and have moved on this week to learning about the animals and the environments of the arctic and Antarctic.


This week we have begun to navigate the tricky world of reading and writing in English, with our Read Write Inc. phonics sessions.

We will be learning 2/3 letter sounds per week in a fun and pacy way. Each letter we learn has a handwriting rhyme to help with the correct formation of the letters. But please note at the moment we are more focused on hearing, saying and recognising the sounds correctly, rather than forming them. However, the children will have opportunities to practise writing these and we will also be sending home letter formation sheets every Friday to practise at home if you and your child so wish.

This week we have started with ‘m’ and ‘a’. M is a long sound (stretchy consonant, mmmm) and a is a short sound (bouncy vowel a, a, a). It is important to ensure that when we are saying the words we do not add an extra sound (e.g. mmmm not ‘muh’) as this confuses things later on when the children move on to blending the sounds to read words.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Traditional Tales Hook-In Day

We have had a lovely day at the start of our new topic on ‘Traditional Tales’. The children were good at guessing the characters that we were dressed up as and enjoyed listening to the tales.

Following the story, we built ‘wolf-proof’ houses for the little pigs, played in Grandmas cottage, made collage ‘Chicken Lickens’ and the best bit of all? Eating some of the cakes that red riding hood had bought for Grandma!

Tomorrow we will begin work on the ‘Snow Queen’.


We’ve had lots of fun with the unifix blocks this morning working together to make a really long snake! We used lots of language to describe the shape and size and needed to work as a team to fix any breaks!

Foundation Stage Performance

We are so looking forward to sharing our hard work with you in our Foundation Stage Performance “Away in a Manger” on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please remember to send your child in wearing black bottoms. We will be changing tops so any top from home is fine.

The timings are: 10:30 am on Wednesday and 1:45 on Thursday. We will be starting promptly at these times so please make sure you’re here on time. We will be opening the doors a few minutes before the show starts.

We are selling lucky programmes this year for £1. Two programmes from each performance will win a prize, so don’t forget to bring some change. Monies raised will go towards resources for the classrooms.

There will be a short time for photo opportunities at the end of the performances but please be aware we need to clear the hall for lunches so may be leading the children out promptly after the show.

Immediately after the performance on Wednesday, Nursery am children may be collected from the normal doors. Immediately after the Thursday show children may be collected from the normal doors.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the show.

The Nursery team

Our New Playground

We are so pleased that we are finally using our wonderful new play area and climbing equipment! The children have been very patient and are loving the new space.

We are awaiting for a final piece of work to be completed before we can officially declare the garden open, and we are hoping this will happen before December.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the fundraising so far! It’s been a mammoth task and all your support has been appreciated.

If anyone can make use of any of the green rolls of Astro please help yourself to them at the top of the garden.

Lastly, please do not let children play on the equipment before or after school.

Many thanks

The Nursery Team


A great start to our garden clear up mission! The children worked really hard and had great fun collecting leaves and washing equipment. We will be finishing off on Wednesday so please remember to send them in their old clothes and any additional adult helpers will be most welcome!

Happy Diwali

Today we have been celebrating the Hindu Festival of Diwali. We have been very busy making Diva Lamps, learning some Bollywood dance moves and tasting some Indian foods, such as rice, poppadoms, curry sauce, mango chutney and naan bread.

Parent Meetings

At nursery, we operate an ‘open door policy’ and aim to make ourselves available to talk with you about your child as needed. However we do realise this isn’t always possible and so would like to offer some afternoons next week where staff will be able to meet with you.

In line with the school, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we will be available. If you wish to come in and chat with us please speak to your child’s key worker to arrange a time.

Thank you,

The Nursery Team