Our Spring Walk

We had a lovely time today walking in the local nature reserve, looking for the signs of Spring. We collected some items on our special spring collection cards to take back into the classroom and explore.

Thank you to the parents and grandparents that were able to come along this morning.


Put a Nose on it!

The children are having great fun raising money for Red Nose Day 2019. We have played pin the nose on Mr Tumble, designed our own noses, gone on a red nose hunt in the garden and have enjoyed our wonderful red nose cakes of snack today.

Settled In!

Well as we write the time is 9:06 am and all of the children have come into class beautifully and are already busy at their chosen activities! The new morning routine was a happy accident but it appears that the children are ready for a little more independence in their mornings. Well done to all the children, we are very proud.

Who’s been messing up our classroom?

We hope you all had a nice half term break. Excitement levels were high as we arrived back to school to a crime scene!
The children spent the day searching for evidence and finally solved the mystery of who had caused all of the commotion! Goldilocks!!
This week we will be doing lots of activities based around Goldilocks & the Three Bears and will end the week celebrating St David’s Day. This weeks new number is the number 5 and our new sounds are ‘n’ and ‘p’.