Teddy Bears Picnic Part 1

The bears (and children) have had a lovely time at the picnic this morning!



You all looked amazing yesterday for World Book Day!

Settled In!

Well as we write the time is 9:06 am and all of the children have come into class beautifully and are already busy at their chosen activities! The new morning routine was a happy accident but it appears that the children are ready for a little more independence in their mornings. Well done to all the children, we are very proud.

Who’s been messing up our classroom?

We hope you all had a nice half term break. Excitement levels were high as we arrived back to school to a crime scene!
The children spent the day searching for evidence and finally solved the mystery of who had caused all of the commotion! Goldilocks!!
This week we will be doing lots of activities based around Goldilocks & the Three Bears and will end the week celebrating St David’s Day. This weeks new number is the number 5 and our new sounds are ‘n’ and ‘p’.





Princes, Princesses & PE!

Our theme this week is based on Princes and Princesses. The children have loved dressing up, making swords and shields and listening to some Princess stories. A lot of time has been spent in our Princess bedroom role play where we have some budding hairdressers in the making!
PE was very exciting this morning as we had the wall bars out for the very first time! We saw some great climbing skills!








Yoga & sleeping lions

As part of Children’s Mental Health week we have been practising some yoga moves and Mrs Holland came to visit and teach us some breathing and relaxation techniques (also known as sleeping lions!)








A busy week

There’s lots happening in Nursery this week! As well as carrying on our theme of The Three Little Pigs we’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year (which happens to be the year of the pig) and have been talking about what makes us happy and what makes us sad as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Mummy Pig was very sad and upset at carpet time yesterday but didn’t quite know why. The children thought she might be missing her little pigs and came up with some lovely ideas to make her smile again. Mummy Pig received lots of hugs and beautiful pictures the children had drawn for her.

In preparation for today’s Chinese celebrations we all went over to the Millennium Dragon in our key groups to see the Dragons and decorations they have. One of our little girls had a traditional Chinese outfit which she kindly brought in to show and model for us.

Today we had our Chinese food tasting, the children all sat very nicely and most were happy to try the different foods we had. They all agreed the prawn crackers were the best! We’ve even managed to squeeze in PE, French, sock puppets, Chinese dragons and learning about the zero pond in Numeracy – and its only Tuesday! Here’s some photos of our week so far.

The Three Little Pigs

This week we have started on one of our favourite topics in Nursery, the story of The Three Little Pigs. We started the week reading the story and talking about the different materials the pigs used to build their houses. We all decided that bricks were definitely the strongest and have used lots of different building bricks and blocks within the classroom to create houses of our own.
The children have also enjoyed making houses for the pigs out of junk and have made up some wonderful stories of their own using their stick puppets. Some of the houses have some very clever design features to stop the wolf from entering!
You may have heard the children singing our new song, here’s a link if you’d like to join in at home – we all love it!